Evening Escapades

17.00 – 21.00
A dazzling traditional Balinese Kecak & Ogoh-Ogoh Fire Dance performance you definitely don’t want to miss. You will be welcomed to join the circle and participate alongside the local performers and chant the night away.
Food, fun and fire – what’s not to love.

  • Kecak & Ogoh-Ogoh Fire Dance Dinner IDR 600.000
  • Balinese Costume Tea Time, Kecak & Ogoh-Ogoh
    Fire Dance Dinner IDR 750.000

Adventure Swing | Relaxing Swing | Bird Nest
Mini Tudor Museum | River Garden | Horses
Night Market | Kecak Performance | Ogoh-Ogoh Fire Dance
Free Snacks | Free Coffee & Tea | Free Drinking Water

Limited 150 places perday.
Please ensure reservation is made
in advance to secure your space

Please Contact:
+62852 0731 9000

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